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It's not a few question Lilly asks me party or something. For android can be a bit few, and I like to let off some stress somewhere else to make up for it. I was highly dang proud of it, and I'm daily it would help her meet a little time. And this girl of Miley in the life kind of, just led there in my land. Search some nice curves— Updated. But they offer nice on her. You good you had ads of Hannah stuff to do.

First it was a point and click sprite adventure game. Then it was an innovative and interesting music game. And now it's Hannah montana naked Montana: It's less of an adventure than the first game, and less of a music game than the second. Since anyone that gives a damn about Hannah Montana has already seen the movie, I'll just say that the game follows the plot of the film. Only it simplifies it to the point of taking about Hannah montana naked even remotely interesting about the movie. Most of the game involves walking through the plot of film, doing the bare minimum in interactivity. Fetch quests and minigames are the most complex thing in the game, and players are lucky to do that.

There are literally moments of the game where Hannah simply walks between two rooms, relaying conversations like a carrier pigeon. Or maybe she'll just decapitate me. It's not like I use my head for anything anyways since I obviously have a problem with thinking before I act. I guess I should probably start from the beginning, so you can understand why I believe Miley is waiting behind this door with a butcher knife. I think I've been trying to knock on this particular door for the last—hmm, let me check my watch… oh my God… ten minutes?! I've been standing here for ten minutes?!

My story goes a little something like this— In West Philadelphia, born and raised—kidding! That's so not my story. I tend to make really dumb quotes when I'm nervous. And I am beyond nervous at the moment. It was for history, but you really don't need to know that because it has little to do with the current problamo I have on my hands. So I made her a study guide.

It was like, BA, too. I made it all radical and Smoken Oken-ified. I even made funny little notes to Miley on it. Like, we're talking montanq the Holocaust, okay? And one of the notes is like, 'Hitler was actually really awesome at speeches. But he still wasn't a good person, Miley, so tell your dad he should take back that new moustache of his, cause he kinda reminds me of Hitler with it, which is… uncool. Cause then she'd appreciate it, and maybe me, more. So I typed this little sweet thing up and printed her out a Hannay. I naker pretty dang proud nakde Hannah montana naked, and I'm sure it would help her learn a little better.

I put on my tennis shoes and walked out the door, to Miley's hizzouse, yo. This is a very boring part of the story so I apologize for your future snores. Because all I did was walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk—oh look, dog poop! Eventually Miley's came into view, and I was all pumped and whatnot. Cause here I am, delivering her this piece of awesomeness I made all by myself. And she was going to love it. I walked right in. It's not rude to do this at Miley's because her dad doesn't care. I don't think he does anyway. But yeah, I was all ready and stuff, but Miley was not on the couch as I had expected.

Okay, so there was. It was Jackson saying, "In her room. I was more than eager to give her this wonderful thing I held in my hands. However, I found the door to be shut. But, still, it really told me nothing I should've known, I guess, because Miley's door is always shut. I didn't really say choke. I just kinda did it. Miley… well, Miley was there all right. This is so awkward to say. This is probably the moment where God decides I need to go to the other place, like, not heaven, because… um… Miley was naked.

However you want to say it. And um, I kinda can't help about being a boy sometimes, and even though she's, like, my best friend, I couldn't just… not look, you know? Like, her…femaleness…was all there and bare and whatnot. I'd be totally idiotic not to look.

Miley Cyrus: From Disney princess to a NAKED music video - in pictures

But looking is just as bad. The first thing I did was think about what I had just saw. I mean, I know that's horrible, and kind of, like, okay, disgusting, but it's really what I did. And this image of Miley in the nude kind of, just laid there Hannah montana naked my mind. And I started all blushing and whatnot. I mean, I just saw Miley naked. I just saw Miley naked. Not that you can be naked and clothed at the same time, but still!! Then I registered that it was probably not a good thing for me to see because now, no matter what I said or did, things were going Hannah montana naked be awkward. So the second thing I thought of was to run home.

Past Jackson, too, who was like, "Why the rush? So after sitting there in my bed for like, a year, contemplating what is going to happen the next time Miley would see me, I get this text message. And it's from Lilly. I can barely understand Lilly texts sometimes, and this was no exception. Cause, really, they could. Her antics, although wild were drug-free. The Buttocks Has Eyes The year-old star truly understanding the importance of eye contact glued googly eyes to her buttocks, around her leotard. And enjoyed her foam finger. Hannah Montana Video Before she shocked everyone with her near nude twerking, she was a little girl waiting for her first break in show business. Reminding the world that Cyrus is still a country girl at heart.

Wearing jeans and a t-shirt singing her little heart out with her proud father playing guitar. She has certainly taken a wild ride even though it was not all by chance as she is the daughter of the legendary Billy Ray Cyrus. She landed the role as Hannah Montana in and remained with the popular Disney show until Then she took the stage of music by storm with multiple hit albums all over the world. Cyrus, however, did not start to break records until with the release of Bangerz.

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