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Other uses[ edit ] In older Javanese usage and in modern Balinese usage, gong is used to identify an ensemble of instruments. In contemporary central Javanese usage, the term gamelan is preferred and the term gong is reserved for the gong agengthe largest instrument of the type, or for surrogate instruments such as the gong komodong or gong bumbu blown gong which fill the same musical function in ensembles lacking the large gong. In Balinese usage, gong refers to Gamelan Gong Kebyar. Gong manufacturers[ edit ] Besides many traditional and centuries old manufacturers in places such as ChinaTibetBurmaKoreaIndonesiaand the Philippinesgongs have also been made in Europe and America since the 20th century.

Paiste is the largest non-Asian manufacturer of gongs. This Swiss company of Estonian lineage makes gongs at their German factory. Also in Germany, Meinl have gongs made for them by former Paiste employee, Broder Oetken, who also has his own branded range of gongs. Michael Paiste, outside of the larger family business makes gongs independently in Lucerne, [Switzerland]. He comes from Poland and started making gongs in but from specializes in making his bespoke spectacular Art Gongs. Ryan Shelledy is an independent gong maker based in the Midwestern United States.

They are made of a bronze alloy composed of a maximum of 22 parts tin to 78 parts copperbut in many cases the proportion of tin is considerably less. This alloy is excessively brittle when cast and allowed to cool slowly, but it can be tempered and annealed in a peculiar manner to alleviate this. When suddenly cooled from red heat, the alloy becomes so soft that it can be hammered and worked on the lathe then hardened by reheating. Afterwords, the gong has all of the qualities and timbre of the Chinese instruments.

The composition of the alloy of bronze used for making Malya is stated to be as follows: In Turkish Cymbal making there is also sulfur and silicon in the alloy. Malay lady nipple Cymbals and Gamelan Gongs share beta phase bronze as a metallurgical roots. This is the secret of all past bronze instrument making. When bronze is mixed and heated, it glows orange-red which indicates it has been heated to the beta phase borders where the metal needs to be submerged in cold water to lock the alloy in the beta phase for cymbal making. The gong is then beaten with a round, hard, leather-covered pad that is fitted on a short stick or handle.

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